Engineering Program Transfer Planning

As an engineering student at 易胜博 planning to transfer, you have two options regarding general education (gen ed) requirements.


Option one is to do the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC), which guarantees transfer of 40 credits of gen ed classes from 易胜博 to the other public colleges and universities in Minnesota . The advantage of this option is that as long as you fulfill the MNTC requirement, you can take a wide range of gen ed courses at 易胜博 and they will transfer and fulfill the gen ed requirements at any of the public universities and colleges in Minnesota. Thus, doing the MNTC is more flexible; if you change your mind and decide to go to a different public college in Minnesota, your MNTC courses will fulfill that college’s gen ed requirements. The disadvantage is that you must take more credits, which will usually increase the total number of semesters you need to obtain your bachelor’s degree.


OPTION 2 – Courses specific to the university
Instead of doing the MNTC, you can take the exact gen ed courses that the university to which you transfer requires. This means that you need fewer credits; however, it also means that you need to be careful about which classes you take. There are some differences between universities regarding which gen ed classes they require.